Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Hero Forge: 3D Printed Minis

This weeks Kickstarter pick of the week is Hero Forge: 3D printed minis brought to us by, yes that’s right, Hero Forge.

As many gamers will tell you there are hundreds and hundreds of minis and not ONE that looks like their character. Sometimes if their lucky they’ll be able to find that that ‘more or less’ matches. Meaning, right gender, right race but wrong weapons, armor and hair or some arrangement of these. Hero Forge is bringing us the solution!

Customizable, print on demand 3D printed minis. No longer will you have to accept that mini that doesn’t really fit your character. Now, using Hero Forge’s sophisticated parts system and web UI you will be able to not only pick gender, race and weapons, but also facial expression, hairstyles, and equipment.

As you can see, these minis got game! With their customization along with their character builder that allows you to save your mini and make changes to it as you character progresses and the amazing level of detail that printing can provide over mass market injection molds, these minis are a high tech leaf in an otherwise analog world. And we have the ability to get in on the ground floor.

This Kickstarter has already funded and reached 6 of their 8 stretch goals. With 14 days left you have nothing to lose but the most awesome customized by you mini out there.

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