GeekChic Ep04 – 2014 Trends In Gaming

Welcome to your Fourth episode of Geek Chic, a pod cast for girls, geeks and everything in between. In this episode, Liz, Lin and I discuss what trends have been forecasted in the gaming world, both RPG & Video, and where we see these trends headed.

It should be noted that these are opinions not fact, even if we tend to present them that way.

As a final P.S. Thanks to everyone who has waited so patiently for this episode to come out. Hopefully the weather and immune systems will be with us and it won’t take over a month to get an episode out again. – Jonikka~

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  1. As a note, the Steam machines are nothing but glorified computers both in hardware and in many core functions. In fact many of them will simply be streaming a game to your tv that is being run through your primary computer. Also, with Steam’s quickly growing user base, it is more than a long shot to say that computer gaming is dying. On the funny note, I just got done listening to a podcast saying the opposite of what you did and that computer gaming is on the rise and that console gaming is beginning to fall off.

  2. The good: Interesting perspectives, likeable personalities, a fun range of topics. If I didn’t enjoy it overall, I wouldn’t bother with the following criticism…

    The bad: I think I am noticing more than the usual amount of people speaking over each other with this group. Specifically, I feel like nobody ever gets the space to really complete a thought. You are obviously all very comfortable with each other and it doesn’t come across as aggressive or anything, but it did negatively impact my listening experience. After the first hour or so, I actually caught myself taking shallower and shallower breaths.

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