Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Princess Charming

Josh Roby, a professional author for 12 years, thinks it’s time for an update to the Princess fairy tales that every girl knows. In his Princess Charming Series, he hopes to turn our Damsel in Distress and Prince Charming formula on its head. It’s high time for a Princess Charming.

What happens when the Charming family has a daughter? Raising boys they know about, but a girl? And what to do when she doesn’t fit the Damsel in Distress mold?

Josh says of the series, “What we want to do with Princess Charming is one step beyond that (The Paper Bag Princess), creating iconic and memorable characters that kids will identify with because they grow up with them.” There are to be three age groups for the books, Picture, Bedtime, Early Reader.

I know its not Monday, but with only four days left, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to back this fabulous idea.

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