GeekChic CON-versation – Live at TsunamiCon 2014!

The ladies of Geek Chic sat down on Saturday,  November 8th, at around 12:30 PM at this year’s TsunamiCon for a live discussion about geek girls and their experiences at cons.  The hosts shared a few of their own best and worst con experiences, and members of the audience also stepped up to the mic to be part of the show.

GeekChic Episode 6 – Geeks and their Apps

We’re not sure what it is, but Geeks like their apps. Our hosts offer up some of their favorite apps and why they like them so you too can use awesome apps.

We all are Android users so these are all android compatible apps, sorry, iPhone folks. As Liz says, we Po’. We can’t afford them iPhones. But as every Android user knows, for every Android app there are 10 Apple apps that probably do it better.

If you have any Apps you think we should talk about, let us know! We love Apps!

GeekChic Ep 05 – Supporting Little Geeks

Between holidays, sickness, weather and a serious case of the blahs, it’s been awhile. But there is hope. Here is Episode 05 where our hosts tackle how to handle little geeks who are struggling to handle what is and isn’t socially acceptable to their peers.

We hope you enjoy our thoughts on the process of supporting them without smothering them in their sleep.

GeekChic Ep04 – 2014 Trends In Gaming

Welcome to your Fourth episode of Geek Chic, a pod cast for girls, geeks and everything in between. In this episode, Liz, Lin and I discuss what trends have been forecasted in the gaming world, both RPG & Video, and where we see these trends headed.

It should be noted that these are opinions not fact, even if we tend to present them that way.

As a final P.S. Thanks to everyone who has waited so patiently for this episode to come out. Hopefully the weather and immune systems will be with us and it won’t take over a month to get an episode out again. – Jonikka~

GeekChic Ep03 – Fake Geek Girls

Welcome to our third episode of Geek Chic… a podcast for girls, geeks, and everything in between! In this episode, we discuss where the concept of Fake Geek Girls comes from as well as what we can do about it. We also offer some news to keep you up to date on the geeky things that are out there.

Links from the show:

Shelley Adina Author
Escapsit Magazine’s response to the idea of Fake Geek Girls
Tsunami Gameday Winter 2014
Geek and Gamer Girls Song

GeekChic Ep02 – My Geek Is Tabletop Roleplaying…

Welcome to our second episode of Geek Chic… a podcast for girls, geeks, and everything in between! In this episode, we spotlight the geekdom of tabletop roleplaying from a woman’s perspective . We also offer some reviews to keep you up to date on geeky things you might have been thinking about getting or didn’t even know existed.

Links from the show:

Chalk Butterfly by Audra Red
Leverage: The Roleplaying game

Tsunami Gameday Winter 2014

GeekChic Ep01 – What Is Geek?

Welcome to the very first episode of our brand new program, Geek Chic… a podcast for girls, geeks, and everything in between!  In this episode, we tackle the question of geek identity and how it’s changed through the years.  We also offer some advice for holiday shoppers looking for something to give the geek girl in your life this Christmas.

Links from the show:

4 Reasons 2013 Officially Marked the Death of the Nerd |
The Yoda Hoodie!

The Last of Us and Metro: Last Light
I Kissed a GEEK and I Liked It
Corporia and Ryuutama RPGs
Song of Ice and Fire and The Dresden Files
BEYOND: Two Souls