Kickstarter Pick of the Week – Sunrider

This week’s Kickstarter pick of the week is Sunrider – A Space Visual Novel brought to us by the independent game developer Love in Space.  Sunrider will be a freeware PC game upon completion.

Director, writer and programmer, Sam “Samu-kun” Yang describes his game as one where you as the player will get to captain your own ship, the Sunrider, as well as command your own squadron of mechs as you attempt to make allies, save yourself, your crew, and your world from the conquering PACT.

Love in Space has offered a variety of buy in levels starting at just one dollar. At the 15 dollar buy in you get early access to the game, including all betas. At the 25 dollar level you get actual physical media, a cd and dvd of the game as well as the early access and all other benefits from previous levels.

Here’s a quick preview:

With beautiful graphics brought to the game by artist Ashton “melonbunny” Wilson and an amazing soundtrack that is as grandiose as any movie sound track it is easy to see why Sunrider has already funded and reached almost all of its stretch goals. With only six days left this is a great opportunity to support a small, independent game developer and get a great product as well.

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