Just a little longer…

Life has exploded. Liz and I had to cancel the recording of the podcast this Sunday due to illness. Now our guest can’t make it. I just started work and I REALLY miss my afternoon nap. (Hey its naptime somewhere) Liz is still sick. And my husband has the stink eye on at the thought of me missing tonight’s game.

With this in mind, Liz and I have decided to put off this weeks recording until this next Sunday. It gives me time to reschedule with my guest or get a new one, I will have plenty of time for editing and napping AND hopefully (fingers crossed) Liz will finally get her household unsickified.

This Sunday however, guest or no guest, throwing up or not, we will be recording Episode 4 of Geek Chic.

Thanks for your patience!

aka Jonikka

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