What to Watch: Arrow

This week’s geeky TV show offering is: Arrow

This show is loosely based off the DC comic Green Arrow. Rich playboy Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell of Private Practice, is lost at sea and ends up on a small island in the Pacific. 5 years later, when he returns to his family and home in Starling city, the billionaire playboy is changed. He’s returned home with a mission: To make amends for the sins of the socially elite who have been stripping Starling City of its wealth and glory, and to bring justice to those who have brought these injustices onto his city.

The new Oliver Queen finds himself trapped between the playboy he is expected to be and his dark, secret persona, the vigilante, The Hood. Juggling his family, friends, and secrets turns out to be constant and painful struggle for him.

Can he save Starling City or is he doomed to betray those he loves most and dig himself an early grave?

I have only just started watching this show. I don’t really know much about the Green Arrow, but I also worried after Smallville, which I detested, that it would be another show filled with wooden pretty boys and stupid comic book plots. My best friend, however, suggested I get over myself and get into drooling over Stephen Amell.

I am very, very glad I took her advice.

The story is pleasantly dark, as I prefer my heroes to be tormented, with plots that are emotionally charged enough to get and hold my attention while presenting a nice overarching theme that I can watch unfold in all its angsty goodness. The series provides plenty of people to hate and even more to question their motives on, keeping the viewer wondering who is truly to blame and who is not.

I definitely recommend this comic book based TV series to anyone who enjoy comics, a dark version of the Green Arrow, or awesome man hotness with lots of angst and scars. (Thank you Stephen for being my newest favorite man hunk. I could just eat you up!)

If you’d like to watch, it airs on the CW on Wednesdays at 8p or 7c. You can find all the episodes on iTunes or Amazon. Or if you don’t to pay for them by episode, Season 1 can be found on Netflix and the last 5 episodes of Season 2 are up on Hulu.

There is also an official Facebook page that you can visit for more information and updates if just watching isn’t enough.

This is another 3 thumbs up find. Go and enjoy!!